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Charreau B. Endothetical cell dysfunction in transplantation: from mechanisms to prevention
Bonneville M, Brouard S, Soulillou JP. Unravelling cellular and molecular mechanisms in chronic "antibody-mediated" rejection
Brouard S. Validation of blood diagnostic markers of graft survival
Chiffoleau E, Brouard S. Characterizing the function of new molecules
Brouard S. Analysis of B-cell frequency and function in C-ABMR and GVHD
Giral M. CNI Weaning
Giral M. Telemedecine - economic medical economic study - kidney transplanted patients monitoring
Pattier S. Biocollection DIVAT-coeur
Magnan A, Perigaud C. Clinic organ transplantation activity reinforcement
Bonnaud-Antignac A, Tessier P. Social and Human Sciences in Transplant Sciences
Halary F, Imbert BM. Transplantation and infection
Dantal J, Dreno B, Halary F. Transplantation and cancer
Dantal J. Original disease / initial desease reoccurence on graft
Magnan A Thoracic transplantation: organ transplant activity reinforcement