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R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS. To download R, please click on this link and choose your preferred CRAN mirror.

We propose the ROC632 package. It mainly includes the ROC632() function for computing time-dependent ROC curve by using the k-nearest neighbor's adaptation and by correcting the overoptimistic prognostic capacity of microarray-based signature.

Download the ROC632 package and save the resulting file to your machine

Install the ROC632 package

  • Shut down R if it is running.
  • Using a command-line window navigate (using the "cd" command) to the directory where you saved the file and issue the command: sudo R CMD INSTALL roc632_0.x.tar.gz.
  • Shut down R if it is running.
  • Restart R from the Start Menu.
  • From the Packages menu, choose the Install package(s) from local zip files.
  • Navigate to and choose the file you just downloaded:
If you find any bugs in roc632 package, please e-mail us and we will take your comments into account in the next version.


This work was supported by a grant from the French National Agency of Research (ANR-11-JSV1-0008-01)