Principle of partnership

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The DIVAT network encourages widespread use of its data for research projects.
We welcome your enquiry, comments and ideas for new research projects.

Administrative and financial rules

Each data request will be reviewed by the DIVAT Scientific Council for use agreement and, if positive, formalized by a collaboration agreement.

Both raw/aggregated data and data analyses may be requested from the DIVAT database. All details of the request should be clearly specified in the letter of intent.

The recipient agrees to use the data solely for the purpose of conducting the research project and to use appropriate administrative and technical safeguards to prevent misuse of the data. The recipient also agrees not to release the data to a third party without the approval of the DIVAT Scientific Council.

In the case of a partnership with industry, both signatories to the agreement will share the legal responsibility (for example Directorate-General for university hospital or the pharmaceutical laboratory's senior management structure).

In case of use agreement contracted with institutional third parties, requests will be fulfilled without charge. In contrast, data requests from industry may be subject to a processing fee on a case-by-case basis and only aggregated or analyzed data will be provided (raw data are not accessible).


All potential conflicts of interest must be declared.

The recipient agrees to send DIVAT Scientific Council a copy of any publication arising from the use of the DIVAT data at least one month before any submission, offering then opportunity for the Council to return comments or queries.

Where DIVAT database provided only raw or aggregated data to the recipient, then it may be more appropriate to include the DIVAT Consortium in the acknowledgements section, along with a statement that the analysis and interpretation are those of the author.

Except in cases where the DIVAT Consortium is in the authors, the following disclaimer should be included in any written publication: "The data reported here have been supplied by the Données Informatisées et VAlidées en Transplantation Cohort. The analysis and interpretation of these data are the responsibility of the authors."

Where DIVAT database provided analyzed data to the recipient and members of the DIVAT network participate to a major portion of the work, then the DIVAT Consortium should be mentioned in the author section in addition to the acknowledgements section.

In all cases the source of the data should be made clear in the methods section as well as a brief description of the DIVAT database using the following disclaimer: "Data were collected from the French DIVAT (Données Informatisées et VAlidées en Transplantation) multicentric prospective cohort of kidney and/or pancreatic transplant recipients (, N° CNIL 914184)."

The abstract should preferably also include "DIVAT" in its methods section to facilitate searching for publications.

Oral presentation and posters

The recipient agrees to send DIVAT Scientific Council a copy of any presentation arising from the use of the DIVAT data, both raw and analyzed data.

In the same way as for publications, the source of the data should be acknowledged and guidelines for citations should be respected.

The DIVAT network encourages use of its logo for both oral presentation and poster; and, where requested, use of its presentation templates.

For more details, please contact us: Project manager